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I went to the artRAVE July 17, 2014 and I had fun.

Gaga at the artRAVE after party tonight in Tokyo. (x/x)


"There are more good cops than bad cops"


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Stefani - 28 - random - self diagnosed schizophrenic/multiple personalities - call me Steffy, Lady GaGa, or Teh Germ (bc i identifiez as amoeba-kin enywai :3) Pronouns zi/zer/zib/ziself (example: zi when to the store to buy some manga for ziself) I is a carnivore bc eating plants is offensive 2 me >__< && also bc i is part dinosaur (RAWR! <3) i write my own yaoi fanfic && yew can follow my deviantart page @steffyiz2random. i don’t listen to britney spears or eny of that other pop shiiiiiz bc it’s trash. i prefer sleeping with sirens and panic at the disco <3 (p.s. if yew cannt tell im not like other girls lololololol <3) feel free to send mee any fanmail, i try to respond too all of mai fanz ««3333 ~**STEFFYgirl1986**~
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can we stop pretending KFC Twix’s music is good

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